22 thoughts on “4 steps to freedom

  1. Meeee tooo.
    what a nice sticker ^^.

    I would like one for me, and for all people i converted to linux ^^

  2. I did the super key thing with one of the stickers I bought but it looked so out of place on the keyboard that I peeled it back off.

  3. Nope, that’s how to enslave your laptop to an *alternative* cult. The way to be free is not to apply any stickers at all. That way, your choice of software is never dictated by pieces of paper with glue-based chemicals applied to the reverse side. =)

    1. Adam, that « pieces of paper with glue-based chemicals applied to the reverse side » represents my choice and not the choice of my PC reseller neither the choice of my laptop manufacture.

  4. Ok, Adam.. That was only some words to say, was nice work… I understand freedom is not having a sticker, freedom means a lot of things… As Nizarus coments it represents or choice… to be free…

  5. Frankly, it is not possible to completely replace windows with Ubuntu, there is only Skype for the video chat with windows users. 🙁

  6. hhhhhhhhh :)))
    do you still follow news about Ubuntu?
    MSN has changed the strategy of his servers, pdgin amsn emscene …. can not run the video for it. and no real solution until now, the ubuntu community suffers today.

  7. yeh surely, but we can not ignore milions of users, personally I’m not using msn, but milions who want to transfer from Windows to Ubuntu should find an equivalent that works properly.
    I made a mistake?

  8. and today ubuntu look to attract windows users, that’s why «  » this is a problem in ubuntu »

  9. I say that, because I like ubuntu, as ubuntu user and I’m happy for that and I like it to be perfect. 🙂

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