12 thoughts on “New World Record :)

    1. The more interesting question to me is: what are the odds?

      In this case, any of the 27 blank squares would have produced the same result, so the odds are 27/64. I would expect that most of the other possible cases, the odds are zero or near zero. So the sum of the odds for all the individual cases divided by the total number of cases gives us the result we seek.

      I wonder whether it would be easier to determine mathematically or programmatically?

      1. Although insightful, the definition of « waste of time » would be stretched a bit.

  1. I really wish gnomemines got multiple mines per space and variable geometries. I used to be a beast at crazymines and some other more advanced implementations..

  2. heh, sometimes you get lucky. Congratulations 🙂

    The goal of the gnome-games package is to provide simple 5-minute games for the gnome desktop. For advanced mines games you probably have to look for something in the software center.
    That said, I suppose we could offer something like that as a plugin using libpeas. I am not sure how that would fit into the GUI design though, but worth thinking about. Thanks.
    – thomas, gnome-games maintainer

  3. Congratulations 😛

    However, isn’t this just a bug in the initialization algorithm of Mines? I could imagine this is not supposed to happen, the scenario where you can solve the game with one click.

    1. I think that mines are randomly distributed and I don’t think that the developer takes care about this particular case 😉
      Scott will count for us the probability to have this particular case 😉

  4. its a fake !
    the case under the cursor is different ( bold )
    but when i win , the all case of the game dont be clickable !

    good idea !

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