ubuntu-tn in the Software Freedom Day Tunisia 2009

SFD Tunisia 2009
SFD Tunisia 2009

For the third consecutive time our LoCo was present, on October 31th 2009, in the biggest celebration of free software  in Tunisia, the  Software Freedom Day 2009. This year our LoCo was directly involved in organizing this event as our friends Wajih and Mohamed were active members in the organizing committee.

SFD Tunisia 2009
SFD Tunisia 2009

As usual our LoCo took the opportunity to speak about the ubuntu distribution, about our community and to distribute dozens of ubuntu 9.04  CDs and disk images of the latest ubuntu 9.10. Two members of our LoCo ensured the animation of two workshops. The first workshop, led by Rached, was a presentation of free CMS Drupal. The second workshop, led by Mohamed, took place around a presentation of WaveMaker tool.

Atelier WaveMaker
WaveMaker workshop.
Atelier Drupal
Drupal workshop.
Les membres de la LoCo en action
LoCo members in action.

When visiting the different workshops and booths of FOSS clubs, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the majority of members PC run with ubuntu. To these people I offered, on behalf of the LoCo, the stickers « Powred by ubuntu » to replace another obsolete sticker ;).

During this day two competitions was held for Tunisian FOSS clubs and communities. The first contest for « the best work of promoting FOSS in Tunisia » and the second for « the best idea for promoting FOSS in Tunisia ». At the last minute the organizing committee decided to cancel the first contest as  our LoCo was the unique candidate. But we won, brilliantly, the first prize in the second competition with our idea that we have implemented since our approval in 2008 which is: visiting academic and educational institutions in different Tunisian cities to promote FOSS  alternatives and provide assitance for migration projects like the one we made at the Engineers National School of Sfax.

Photo de famille.
Family photo.

The photo album: http://ubuntu.nizarus.tn/v/sfd09/

7 thoughts on “ubuntu-tn in the Software Freedom Day Tunisia 2009

  1. Wow great job guys. Good to see you are keeping the floss flag flying here. If only You will allows my country Nigeria to fly the African flag at SA 2010. Now that would be awesome :p

  2. Thx nizarus for this ticket but i think that we have to mention that Wahid, Ahmed and Héla did a great job and that Wahid presented a workshop on GIMP.
    Also we have to announce that Héla had an award for his activity to promote the FOSS, and also Chaker Zaafouri had one as an honorific award « the most implicated professional actor for the FOSS ».

    Great Job Ubuntu-tn and congratulations.

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